An eatery that can be all things from a quick one course and glass of wine through to a grand occasion, celebrated with excellent food and wine.

Why we forage.

Foraging gives us access to plants, flowers, berries and fruits not normally available from our suppliers or they are trucked over long distances from different climates. ‘Ever changing, inspired by nature’ means that we use what we can find in abundance at any given time.  Some of the plants seasons in our foraging areas may only be a few weeks long so what we put on the plate is ever changing. The shifting availability of produce forces us constantly seek new spots for what we need to supply the restaurant.  This leads us to surprise discoveries, and so drives the changes to the menu inspired by what we find.


Opening hours: lunch Wednesday to Friday midday till 3pm / dinner Tuesday to Saturday 6pm till late.


French inspired techniques, locally sourced and foraged produce prepped in a modern contemporary style. Simple and true to the ingredients.


Let’s take it back to the basics of wine. Let go of regions, varieties, vintages and classic opinions. Go for something that your heart, body and soul want.

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To make a reservation, please click on the button below or call 08 8231 7000. At Bistro Dom we open our door to you as a friend. We hope to see you soon.

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A unique space for your next product launch, birthday or anniversary. Catering for 10 to 50 people and offering a flexible range of food and beverage options.

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